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Spiritual & Mental Health – (BC 406)

Welcome & Introduction

The course is structured to equip students with a rigorous understanding of the interplay between spirituality and mental health from a Christian worldview. The curriculum delves into the complex tapestry of how spiritual beliefs and practices inform and influence mental well-being. Participants will encounter a diverse range of scholarly perspectives, giving them the capacity to discern and evaluate various approaches to spirituality and health within a Christian context. Historical and contemporary theological discourse will provide a backdrop as students examine how faith traditions have grappled with and contributed to the understanding of mental health issues. The course will underscore the importance of integrating spiritual insights with psychological principles to form a comprehensive approach to mental health that respects both the religious convictions and the psychological needs of individuals.

This advanced curriculum is meticulously structured to provide graduate students with a formal and comprehensive education in the intersections of spiritual and mental health within a Christian worldview. The program aims to foster a robust understanding of these integrated fields, equipping future leaders with the necessary skills to contribute thoughtfully and ethically in their respective professions.


Credit Value

This course has a 3-credit hour value.

Course Textbook

  • Course Curriculum


  • Read the required texts.
  • Take all textbook quizzes.
  • Write a term paper.
  • Complete Final Exam.

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