Spiritual & Mental Health

Spiritual & Mental Health – (BC 406) Welcome & Introduction The course is structured to equip students with a rigorous understanding of the interplay between spirituality and mental health from a Christian worldview. The curriculum delves into the complex tapestry of how spiritual beliefs and practices inform and influence mental well-being. Participants will encounter a

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General Psychology

General Psychology – (BC 402) Welcome & Introduction In this course on General Psychology, we will explore topics including the specialties and methods of psychology, biology of behavior, sensory process and learning. Students will be introduced to research methods and begin to master the research and study skills required to be a successful scholar of

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Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling – (MIN 303, LM 303) Welcome & Introduction “Covenant University’s “Pastoral Counseling” course provides an in-depth exploration of faith-based guidance for mental wellness and emotional healing. It covers the role of faith during hardships, its influence on relationships, and its application in emotional recovery, along with the economic benefits and societal impact of

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The Healing Christ

The Healing Christ – (TH 409) Welcome & Introduction To understand that physical healing has been provided in the atonement; to discover God’s Will in his desire to heal “all;” to understand the significance of the blood covenant as our guarantee of redemption; to see God’s methods of healing, and to discover the hindrances to

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